Hvete Malt 25kg (3,5-5,5 EBC) - Castle Malting

Château Wheat Blanc fra Castle Malting. 3.5-5.5 EBC/ 1.8-2.3 Lovibond. 33 sekker på hel pall.

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Château Wheat Blanc - Castle Malting

Wheat malt. Kilned at up to 80 - 85°C. 


Enhances the peculiar taste of wheat beers. Château Wheat Blanc malt is essential in making wheat beers but is also used in barley malt-based beers (3–5%) thanks to its protein level that gives the beer a fuller mouthfeel and enhanced head stability. Wheat has no outer husk and therefore has fewer tannins than barley. Wheat malt is much stickier than barley malt due to the higher protein content and may cause lautering problems if not given a "Protein Rest" during the mash.


Wheat beers, white, light beers, beers with low or no alcohol. Recommended max. proportion: up to 35% of the mix.

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